Come Meet Jesus is filled with truly exquisite artwork including commentary by the author. But more importantly, the message of the Gospel is clearly proclaimed. CE

Your book is like a song.  When you know why the writer wrote the lyrics, you get a better love for the music. That’s exactly how I feel about your work. XM

I was “wowed” by the art you chose for the cover which is astounding and rare and unique! Really, really a beautifully inspirational selection! CH

I’ve enjoyed viewing the paintings and learning about the artists. BJ

Love the details about the artist and what was going on in their lives and the history that was taking place. KS

It’s a beautiful work, AMAZING!! LM

You are preaching to the choir on this one – It is fabulous! WL

Thomas putting his finger into the wound of Jesus…stunning!! LS

I love it! It is not academic yet it engages the reader and brings him the spiritual message and history in a personal way as if you were teaching someone like me, who does not know a lot about art history. I like the layouts because they are simple and do not distract from what is important. JC

FANTASTIC! Love it! Come… meet Jesus has so many strengths, including solid design, beautiful artwork, and I love the narratives. MR

This book is extremely well done. I believe all walks of life will find great understanding of the Bible from the paintings and the text. 

I have never done anything like this and I found it extremely fascinating. LC

This is fantastic… beautiful!  SS

I really enjoyed viewing the paintings and also learning about the artists. BJS

The cover image conveys the spectrum of meeting Jesus—the gentleness and willingness of the Savior, and the skepticism and stubbornness of Thomas. FB

I don’t know much about art but I love the Bible verses with each painting telling the story. This is wonderful! TB